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Publication Title Published Summary
Four Fallacies in Agricultural Sustainability, and Why They Matter: Part 4- Technology Will Solve All Problems 9/24/2014 The fourth, and final paper, in the series on the Fallacies in Agricultural Sustainability.
Four Fallacies in Agricultural Sustainability, and Why They Matter: Part 3- Farm Technologies Can Be Picked From a Menu 9/10/2014 Third in a series of four papers on the Fallacies in Agricultural Sustainability.
Four Fallacies in Agricultural Sustainability, and Why They Matter: Part 2- Smaller is Better 8/26/2014 The second in a series of four papers on the Fallacies in Agricultural Sustainability.
Four Fallacies of Agricultural Sustainability, and Why They Matter: Part 1 8/14/2014 A look at the first fallacy of agri-food sustainability: We should tread more lightly on the agricultural land base.
Evaluation of Agri-Food Sustainability Systems 12/9/2013 Observed trends in sustainability certification and anticipated future sustainability trends, with a focus on horticultural products.
Potential Role of the Ontario Environmental Farm Plan in Responding to Sustainability Demands of the Agri-food Supply Chain 6/28/2013 Analysis of how Ontario’s EFP could be used as a platform to identify the sustainability practices expected by the food and bioeconomy industries.
Cost Benefit Analysis of Source Water Protection Beneficial Management Practices: A Case Study in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario 7/4/2011 The agronomic and environmental effectiveness, and the economic efficiency of BMPs used to protect groundwater resources by reducing the amount of nitrogen potentially available to leach into groundwater. Waterloo, Ontario case study.
Emissions trading in agriculture - a Canadian perspective 5/13/2008 The current status of Canada's commitment to greenhouse gas emission reductions, and the role of emissions trading and agriculture in meeting this commitment.
Economic and Environmental Analysis of Manitoba's Hog Production Industry 9/24/2007 The Clean Environment Commission Review of environmental sustainability and Manitoba's hog production industry.
Impact of Environmental Regulations on Hog Farms in Canada 7/11/2007 Examination of the economic impact of environmental regulations on the competitiveness of hog farms in Canada.
The Importance of Fertilizer to Biofuels in Canada 4/24/2007 The role of fertilizer in biofuel markets in Canada, specifically in production.
BMPs and Farm Profitability 3/21/2007 Impact of beneficial management practices on farm profitability - commissioned by the Crop Nutrients Council.
Biodiesel and the Economic Impact on Canadian Producers. 9/26/2006 This paper examined the economic impact of Canadian biodiesel production on Canadian grain, oilseed, and livestock producers.
What the Environment Commissioner Really Said: The Audit of the Federal Pest Management Regulatory Agency 11/19/2003 Focus on the material findings in the Environment Commissioner’s report, and to put them in greater perspective of regulations and the economic aspects of regulation in Canadian agriculture.
Agronomic, Economic and Environmental Impacts of the Commercial Cultivation of Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans in Ontario 7/3/2003 The purpose of this study was to determine the agronomic, economic and environmental impacts of producing Glyphosate Tolerant (GT) soybeans in Ontario.
Proposed New Environmental Legislation Affecting Canadian Agriculture 1/7/2002 Identifies the key components of agricultural operations environmental legislation in Ontario and Alberta, and compares and contrasts the approaches in the two provinces.
What the Environmental Commissioner Said: The Federal Report Card on Agriculture In Ontario and Quebec 11/12/2001 This special report provides a brief analysis of the Environment Commissioner’s report as it relates to livestock and sustainability.
Livestock Identification Services Regulatory Cost-Benefit Analysis 11/1/2001 Determines the value and costs of the Alberta cattle identification system and related services with a view toward the future needs of the cattle industry.
Retiring Marginally Profitable Sections of Agricultural Fields in Ontario Economically Justified: Case Studies of Typical Fields in Ontario 7/19/2001 Assesses the potential to retire marginally productive lands from agriculture in Ontario.
Comment on the CFIA’s Proposed Regulations Respecting the Making of Medicated Feed 4/1/2000 Questions the efficacy of the proposed regulations for medicating livestock and poultry feeds.
Does the Meat Follow the Money? Global Meat Trends, Statistics and Global Trade Opportunities for Improved Profitability 8/19/2014 There are a variety of criticisms regarding how effectively Canadian meat packers and traders explore and gain access to markets around the world. This report shows that Canadian meat companies do an excellent job in exporting and gaining new markets.
The Cattle Industry Will Get “Jointed” Soon Enough 7/24/2014 An industry facing rationalization, resulting in increased vertical coordination throughout the cattle and beef supply chain.
Consumer Packaged Goods’ Trade Balance Continues to Decline - Is the Canadian CPG Industry in Trouble? 7/7/2014 Canada’s trade balance in Consumer Packaged Goods has been eroding during the last few years as U.S.-based firms repatriate production back to the U.S. Why is this trend happening and what it means for the agriculture and food industry and consumers?
Cattle Pricing Impact of Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program: Final Report 5/22/2014 Assessment of the pricing and market impact in Ontario as a result of the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program.
Competition Leads to Food Price Deflation 5/20/2014 A look at some of the surprising pricing dynamics at the grocery store in the first quarter of 2014.
The Performance of Canada’s Food Manufacturing Industry– Revisited 3/19/2014 Response to media commentary on the Ivey CAPI report "The Performance of Canada’s Food Manufacturing Industry"
Your Steak will get More Expensive 3/6/2014 A look at why beef prices at the consumer level have increased more than other consumer items over the past several years, and implications for 2014.
Taking out the Mystery of Food Inflation Prospects for 2014 1/16/2014 The factors that will drive food inflation in 2014.
Economic Impact Study for the Ontario Hard Cider Industry 10/28/2013 Economic and market analysis that to enable the Ontario craft cider industry to make informed decisions on future strategic directions for the industry.
Competitive Dynamics Change Again in Alberta Beef 10/25/2013 A commentary on the Alberta Beef industry on the approximate anniversary of the forced shutdown of the XL Foods plant in Brooks.
Ramifications and Consequences of the Ractopamine Protocols on the Canadian Pork Industry 2/27/2013 This paper provides perspective on the Russian ban on meat fed the feed additive ractopamine.
Canadian Food Manufacturers Competitiveness Erosion Continues in 2012 2/5/2013 Canadian food processing competitiveness has been eroding from a profit and market share perspective. An exploration of the factors that are causing the competitive stress and the steps necessary to address the challenges.
Food Industry Lessons from Cattle Weights? 7/26/2012 The beef industry conflict between production and demand, how it evolved, and the message it sends to the entire food industry.
Six Month Food Manufacturing Sales and Profit Trends 9/19/2011 How the Canadian food industry is performing from a sales and profitability perspective, as of September 2011.
Inflation & Canadian Grocer Margins 5/16/2011 Is inflation really a good thing for Canadian retail grocer margins?
Canadian Trade Promotion Challenges and Opportunities 3/25/2011 An examination of some of the issues associated with trade promotions in Canada today, finishing with a discussion of how promotions could be more effective.
COOL: The Damage Done and the Fight Underway 2/4/2011 Country of Origin Labeling a disruptive and damaging trade distorting measure? A review the consequences of COOL so far and the future implications on a global level.
Special Edition 2010 - Chicken Market Review 12/14/2010 A review of 2010 chicken market information.
Livestock Price Discovery in Canada 10/18/2010 A reference regarding the components of livestock pricing in Canada.
The Rise and Fall...and Rise Again of Private Label in Canada 7/14/2010 Reviews the unanticipated decline in private label sales in Canada over the last few years, and anticipates a reversal in the future.
Government "help" for the food industry 5/6/2010 Canadian food and meat processing industries do not need the government’s financial assistance to succeed. That said, government can still play a role.
Alberta Cattle Industry Think Piece 3/25/2010 Alberta's cattle industry and the strong possibility of a plant closure that will negatively affect the market.
2009 Food Industry Financial Results 3/11/2010 Food manufacturing and distribution financial returns for 2009, and challenges for the industry in 2010.
Volume, not Price, Driving Canada's Food Manufacturer Sales 11/12/2009 An examination of the current trends in food manufacturing and the forces precluding higher manufacturer prices.
Special Edition 2009 - Chicken Market Review 7/31/2009 A review of chicken market information to date for 2009.
Recession clearly impacting food industry 3/12/2009 A decrease in consumer food purchases in the fourth quarter of 2008 marks the first decline in 10 years. Consumers are being much more cautious with their food dollars.
Red Meat Market Assessment 2008 11/16/2008 A red meat market assessment prepared for Farm Credit Canada.
Retail Pricing Increases Exaggerated 11/13/2008 Putting food price increases into perspective by examining the contributing factors.
Tyson sells Lakeside to XL 7/3/2008 An examination of the C$107 million transaction and the sale's implications for Canadian cattle feeders.
The Troubled Corn Economy of Ontario's Livestock Sector 7/2/2008 The beleaguered Ontario cattle and hog industries are operating at a scale well in excess of the indigenous corn available to feed them.
The Business of Exports - Examining Canadian Beef and Pork Markets 6/13/2008 The ongoing debate surrounding Canadian beef and pork exports.
Canadian Grocery Sector Challenges 4/29/2008 The drivers of cost and retail price increases, and future challenges in the Canadian grocery sector.
Volatility in Ontario Cattle Pricing 11/8/2007 The reasons for current volatility in Ontario cattle pricing. Commissioned by the Ontario Cattlemen's Association.
Food Industry Financial Review and Update 10/30/2007 Factors affecting food pricing and the importance of sub-sectors like meat, dairy, bakery, and fruit and vegetables.
Pork Niche Market Opportunities 6/14/2007 A stepped approach to developing and maintaining a differentiated, or niche, market initiative. Prepared for Ontario Pork.
Special Report on the Future 2/22/2007 A look at recent events and the potential implications for the Quebec pork industry.
2006 Food Industry Review 1/26/2007 A 2006 performance review of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, measured through sales, profits, and inventory management.
A Tale of Two Categories 1/26/2007 Two food product categories for which 2007 could be a very interesting year.
Chicken Market Seasonality and Price Determination 1/17/2007 The seasonality of the Canadian chicken market and the relationship between supply and demand of monthly chicken quantities as a factor in price determination.
International Swine Research Report 11/30/2006 Examines the value and role of swine research at the University of Alberta, and future program directions.
Pork Export Benefits for the Canadian Hog Industry 11/16/2006 Examines the increase in Canadian pork exports, rapid global demand growth, and the significant impact on the overall Canadian economy.
Role and Impact of Renewed US-Canada Trade in Dairy Heifers and Dairy Breeding Stock 2/24/2006 The economic effects of Canada-US trade in dairy cattle, and the impact of the border reopening to dairy cattle trade.
Rethinking Chicken PSQ – Special Report 11/17/2005 Argues that PSQ should not be formalized and that producers should establish supply based on processor requests.
Getting Serious About the Structural Surplus of Skim Milk 7/28/2005 The purpose of this special report is to describe the structural surplus issue in Canada, to analyze some potential consequences, and to suggest potential alternatives in light of the pricing decision made by Dairy Farmers of Ontario.
Impacts of US Country of Origin Labeling on US Hog Producers 4/1/2003 Identifies the possible economic, structural and social damage Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) could inflict directly on US hog farmers and processors if the imports of Canadian hogs were stopped.
Private Label Moves to the Next Level in Canada 3/1/2003 The purpose of this paper is to examine the current and future role of private label grocery products in Canada.
Country of Origin Labeling: Implications for the Manitoba Hog Industry 12/31/2002 Assesses the impact of the Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL) provisions of the US Farm Bill on Manitoba hog farmers.
The Retail Meat Industry Challenge 12/1/2002 Outlines the opportunities available to the Canadian retail grocery industry with regard to meat and poultry
Beef Demand and Health and Food Safety Risks 10/1/2002 The purpose of the paper is to show how Canadian producers, processors and industry associations have helped to improve beef demand as a result of determined, focused efforts.
The 2002 US Farm Bill’s Implications for Commodity Markets and Canada’s Agri-food Sector 7/1/2002 This report’s intent is to analyze the 2002 US “Farm Bill” to determine whether it is production and trade distorting, and how it will affect commodity markets as well as how it will affect Canadian agri-food.
The 2002 US Farm Bill and International Agri-Food Trade: Dusting off the Prebisch Thesis 6/11/2002 Looks at the theory of Raoul Prebisch in relation to the policies presented in the 2002 U.S. Farm Bill.
Lessons from Quaker Oats 5/1/2002 Examines the revitalization of Quaker Oats rice cakes from mature growth stage of the product life-cylce.
Benefits and Costs of a Voluntary Wheat Board for the Province of Alberta 3/1/2002 This paper examines the history of votes and plebiscites on the Canadian Wheat Board, examines relative performance of the Prairie region in value adding for grains, and brings together the literature on the benefits and costs of the CWB.
Revitalizing Grocery Categories 2/1/2002 This report looks at under-performing food and consumer products categories and advises grocers and manufacturers on what can be done to revitalize them.
Food Industry Review 2001 1/11/2002 This special report gives an overview of the food industry in 2001.
Exclusivity in the Food Manufacturer Grocer Trade: Reasons Behind the Marketing-Procurement Practice 6/1/2001 This paper discusses exclusivity, the singling out of a vendor, brand or stock keeping unit for preferential treatment by a retailer, in the food manufacturing and grocer trade.
Ontario Grape Production Economic Impact 2/1/2001 Examines the economic impacts of the grape industry on the Ontario economy, the impacts of maintaining the Wine Content Act at the 30% level, and the economic effects of alternative requirements of the Wine Content Act on grape growers, the wine grape industry, and the economy of Ontario.
Modernizing Milk Supply Management: An Independent View 6/24/2014 An independent perspective on the challenges facing milk supply management in Canada, and ideas to assist addressing these issues.
Is Food Really More Expensive in Canada Than the US? 6/9/2014 This paper addresses the differences between Canada and the US in retail food prices and costs.
Drivers of Canadian Food Processing Competitiveness: Macro Factors and Micro Decisions: 3/6/2014 The reasons for the trade deficit and determinants of competitiveness
Heinz and Kellogg Plant Closures: What Direction for Canada’s Food Manufacturing Competitiveness? 12/23/2013 Examines Canada's food manufacturing industry, focusing on the competitive challenges and responses in light of significant changes within the Canadian industry.
Growing Canada’s Agri-Food Sector: Moving from Rhetoric to Implementation 10/30/2013 Commentary on the recent agri-food growth initiatives announced in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, as well as in the other provinces and territories
Canada's Cross Border Agri-Food Trade: Lost in Translation 7/11/2013 This commentary contrasts current Canadian public policy focus on major trade agreements and market access with the day-to-day operational challenges and continued border security and numerous agri-food regulatory demands on the much larger Canadian agri-food trade with the United States.
An Economic Analysis of Agriculture and Food Cross Border Movements: Windsor-Detroit and Sarnia-Port Huron 7/4/2013 This report examines the agri-food industry in the three counties surrounding the border crossings and Windsor-Detroit and Sarnia-Port Huron, and the importance of smooth border flows for selected primary agriculture industries, as well as strategies to improve trade flow.
Canada’s Supply-Managed Dairy Policy: An Agenda for Reform 3/5/2013 This paper concludes the George Morris Centre’s series of papers on milk supply management in Canada with recommendations for reform.
US Farm Bill Developments: 2013 and Implications for Canada’s Agri-Food Sector 1/10/2013 This report focuses on the recent results from the newly passed “fiscal cliff” legislation in the United States and the one year extension of the 2008 US Farm Bill.
Challenges of Agri-Food Policy Implementation-Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel Final Report 1/3/2013 Reviews the Panel`s final report and highlights the policy dilemma between the good policy analysis and development, and successful implementation and negotiation with the various partners in the Ontario horse racing industry.
Canada’s Supply-Managed Dairy Policy: Challenges and Need for Evolution 12/3/2012 The third in its series of papers on milk supply management in Canada, this report examines the challenges facing the Canadian dairy market and the supply management policies that influence it.
Canada’s Risk Management Policy and the Whitehorse Agreement-Prudent Steps in the Right Direction 10/26/2012 The fourth, and final, report in the series on Canada’s risk management policies for the agri-food sector.
Ontario’s Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel: Good Public Policy, Good Policy Analysis 9/11/2012 An examination of the recent interim report released by the Panel.
The Political Economy of Risk Management Programming in Canada: Strategic Commentary on BRM and RMP Policy and Programs 9/7/2012 The third paper in the series of analytical commentaries on income support/risk management programming in Canada and Ontario.
Business Risk Management Programming in Practice: The 2011 Risk Management Program in Ontario 8/16/2012 This is the second report in a short series on income support/risk management policy and programming in Canada/Ontario.
Canadian Farms Becoming Larger with Greater Capital Investment 8/3/2012 A combination of census data and data on total and net operating returns to show the significance of the trend toward larger farms.
Canada’s and Ontario’s Agri-food Risk Management Policy: A Historical Commentary to Prepare for the Future Directions 7/25/2012 The first of several short papers on business risk management and income support programming in Canada, and in Ontario.
Regulatory Innovation in Canada’s Agri-Food Sector: The Time Has Arrived 6/27/2012 The significant federal regulatory innovations and the implications for Canada’s agri-food sector.
Canada is in the Trans-Pacific Partnership: So What Now? 6/27/2012 Canada's first priority is to more formally engage both the agri-food sector and the Provinces/Territories in the TPP negotiations.
Does Canada Need to Dismantle Supply Management In the Trans-Pacific Partnership? 6/26/2012 The role and function of marketing boards and agencies in supply management, what marketing boards are not involved with, and the interests of other countries regarding supply management in Canada.
Canada’s Agri-Food Policy Dilemma: Fiscal Realities, Market Forces and Policy Intentions 6/8/2012 Commentary on Canada’s public sector agri-food budgets for 2012.
Key Principles that Frame Agri-Food Regulatory Policy 4/10/2012 The paper attempts to move the dialogue on regulation beyond “regulatory burden” and into the principles that frame regulation.
Impact of Canadian Ethanol Policy on Canada’s Livestock and Meat Industry - 2012 1/31/2012 While many factors that influence grain and livestock prices, Canadian ethanol policies also have a direct and important negative influence on the Canadian livestock industry.
A Cornucopia of Policy Developments in 2012 for Canada’s Agri-Food Sector: Can Industry and Governments Rise to the Challenge 1/18/2012 Major international and domestic agri-food policy challenges for 2012 and the unique set of policy deliberations occurring along with Canada's efforts to conclude a new Growing Forward policy framework.
Canadian Agri-Food Regulatory Reform- The Myth of Tantalus 11/11/2011 The first in a planned series of short policy papers on Canada’s agri-food regulatory system.
Competitiveness: Demystifying Concepts, with Application to the Agri-food Sector 11/2/2011 An overview of economic thought on competitiveness from international trade theory and the measures derived from it.
The Move to a Voluntary Canadian Wheat Board: What Should Be Expected? 10/31/2011 There is every reason to expect wheat and barley to evolve more like canola and pulses under the federal government’s proposed legislation that will remove single desk marketing authority from the CWB.
Canada’s Agri-food Policy Directions - What's Important? What Provincial Election Platforms Tell Us 10/26/2011 Review of party platforms in Newfoundland, PEI, Manitoba and Ontario to determine the major issues being discussed for agriculture and agri-food in each province.
Canadian Agriculture and Food: A Growing Hunger for Change 10/26/2011 The latest paper in the Macdonald-Laurier Institute's Hungry for Change Series.
Ethanol and Corn in Ontario: An Update and Prognosis 10/25/2011 An update of the situation on Ontario corn, ethanol, and livestock production, and observations of a conceptual model and prognosis going forward.
Canada’s Agri-Food Policy Framework-Growing Forward II-Just a Spending Plan? A new National Food Strategy? Or is there an Alternative? 7/15/2011 As the Canadian agri-food sector faces some very different market, and policy outlooks, it is urgent that Ministers of Agriculture and agri-food sector leaders take bolder steps to examine real alternatives to the planned Growing Forward II policy Framework.
Canada’s Agriculture and Food Trade Policy: Leveraging Canada’s Agri-Food Successes and Moving beyond the Status Quo 5/27/2011 Canada’s agri-food trade policy has an entrenched tradition of balancing domestic sensitivities with opportunities in liberalized trade but this balance fails to anticipate the opportunities for agri-food exports as a source of new growth.
Comments on the Federal Electoral Platforms - Agriculture and Food: Few Hits, Many Misses 4/28/2011 The five major Canadian political parties’ agriculture and food platforms - commentary on the policies, the variability or similarity of the platforms, the hits and and misses.
Making the Case for Feed Regulatory Reform: A Case Study Approach 2/22/2011 Five examples of Canadian feed ingredient suppliers’ experiences with the regulatory approval process.
Making Sense of a Stale Debate: Milk Supply Management in Canada 11/23/2010 Clarity in the debate over milk supply management in Canada, and areas of focus for resolving the issues involved.
The Business Risk Management Funding Debate in Canada: Understanding the Broader Context 9/16/2010 A look into the structure of the Canadian primary agricultural sector and the apparent dichotomy between farm incomes and BRM program expenditure.
The Ontario Endangered Species Act: Understanding the Incentives, Implications and Alternatives 9/14/2010 The Ontario Endangered Species Act, and the implications of its implementation and enforcement for Ontario landowners.
Where to next? Thoughts on national agri-food policy developments and directions 7/27/2010 The need for clear, precise, transparent performance measures in Canada's next generation agri-food policy framework.
Ontario Quebec Joint Action Plan Potential 6/9/2010 An overview of the Ontario and Quebec joint action plan on agriculture and food, key issues that could be engaged, and ways in which these issues might be approached by industry.
Minimum Wage Increase Impact Study 11/19/2009 The impact of the planned increase in the minimum hourly wage on various segments of agriculture, especially those with large numbers of minimum wage earners.
Supply Management for Beef and Pork: Understanding the Broader Context 10/28/2009 Current and alternative marketing structures in the beleaguered pork and beef segments
The Voodoo Economics of the US National Pork Producers Council - A Commentary 8/26/2009 Response to the US National Pork Producers Council's assessment of Canada's hog bailout program.
Opening the throttle and applying the brakes: the disconnected policy to support (stifle) the Canadian pork sector 8/19/2009 Examination of the federal government's support plan for the Canadian hog industry.
Update on the wildlife impact assessment for Ontario agriculture 5/13/2009 An update to the 2000 Wildlife Impact Assessment for Ontario Agriculture report, commissioned by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA).
From the sublime to the ridiculous-Canadian tobacco transition program: Canadian agriculture deserves better policy than this 4/29/2009 This paper examines the new Tobacco Transition Plan (TTP), highlighting how the new rules affect succession planning, diversification, and the very structure of the family enterprise.
Food Regulatory Systems: Canada's Performance in the Global Marketplace 4/3/2009 Case studies from several Canadian companies highlighting how Canada's outdated food regulatory system is affecting our economy, our ability to compete, and our citizens. Completed for FCPC.
Feed Grains and Livestock: A Reconciliation 1/21/2009 Economic factors key to the development of these two associated industries, the current state of both industries, and suggestions for a more balanced and mutually advantageous policy environment.
Thoughts on Licensing Requirements for Tobacco Production 1/19/2009 The economic and political implications of a licensing program, concerns about contraband, enforcement costs and effectiveness, and tax revenues.
Crowding Out - The Real Ethanol Issue in Canada 9/16/2008 Ethanol development based on corn in Ontario comes at a net cost of about $150 million per year to the Ontario economy - a cost borne most directly by the pork and beef industries.
At Odds With Stated Objectives: Increasing Industrial Milk Prices in Canada 7/16/2008 An examination the Canadian dairy industry's price-setting structure.
Ethanol as Public Policy in Canada 11/21/2007 Ethanol in the context of broader public policy in Canada.
Status and Competitive Impacts of Ethanol Development on Canadian Livestock Industries 10/31/2007 Context and analysis of the state of ethanol production in Canada and the potential impact on livestock feeding through feedgrain price and DDGS supply effects.
The Tobacco Industry Exit Debate: Understanding the Broader Policy Context 8/31/2007 Addressing the tobacco industry exit debate - public policy and the tobacco industry, public health policy failure affecting domestic producers, and alternatives to the proposed exit funding package.
Next Generation Safety Net Program: An Economic Assessment 5/23/2007 The next generation safety net programs - a preliminary economic assessment and comparison to the previous program design.
Country of Origin Labeling - The Biggest Challenge 5/11/2007 Implementation of Country of Origin Labeling in the United States, and the challenges and potential opportunities for Canadian industries.
Canadian Dollar Commentary 2/8/2007 A commentary on Canada's prosperity and currency, and the impact of relative productivity.
Farm Income Structure and Safety Net Programs 11/14/2006 Accurate targeting of farm safety net programs requires a much better understanding of the baseline structure of farm incomes.
After Hong Kong: Potential Impacts of the WTO Doha Round 4/10/2006 Review of potential impacts of Doha Round proposals.
The WTO Dairy Export Decision:What Next For Growth in the Canadian Dairy Industry? 1/21/2003 The purpose of this paper is to outline the basic points advanced by Canada, and by New Zealand and the US in the WTO appeal, and to illustrate the importance of the WTO decision in the context of growth in the Canadian dairy industry.
Bill 187 - The Agricultural Employees Protection Act 11/1/2002 This article reviews the history leading to the introduction of Bill 187 in Ontario, and discusses some of the implications that the proposed Act may have for the agricultural workplace.
Review of Regulated Marketing In British Columbia - The Economic Environment: Implications for the Regulated Marketing System 6/1/2002 Implications of the economic environment for the objectives, policies and regulations of the regulated marketing system.
To Tell the Truth on Farm Subsidies 4/1/2001 This special report was written in response to the recent public discussions about farm incomes. In the report the magnitude of farm subsidies was placed in a more accurate context than it had appeared in the general press.
Mandatory Price Reporting - Another Example of Misplaced Government Effort in Agriculture? 6/1/2000 Assesses the benefits and costs of mandatory price reporting, and relates it to the Canadian situation
Trade Liberalization and the WTO negotations after Seattle 3/1/2000 This paper looks at the issues leading up to the Seattle Ministerial, the structure of the Ministerial agenda and the positions tabled by various countries in an attempt to understand the outcome of the Seattle Ministerial.
Canadian Dairy Export Subsidies and the WTO Appellate Decision: Dairy Market Expansion in Limbo 2/1/2000 Addresses the export marketing conflict gripping the Canadian dairy industry resulting from the WTO decision against Canada’s dairy export system.
Net Benefits of Increased Agricultural Trade Liberalization to the Canadian Economy 3/1/1999 Evaluates the potential effect on major agri-food industries should agri-food trade be fully liberalized.
Overview of Field Crop Trends in Viterra’s Key Operating Regions 7/24/2012 Prospects for grain, oilseed and pulse exports from Canada and Australia.
Improving Productivity in Canada’s Food Processing Sector through Greater Scale 2/7/2012 If Canada’s food processing industry is determined to realize its full economic potential it will need to achieve greater size of its facilities and companies.
New Farmers and Alternative Markets Within the Supply-Managed System 6/16/2010 Released by the Metcalf Foundation as part of the Metcalf Food Solutions collection. The George Morris Centre provided the content for the paper, which was authored by Christie Young and Melissa Watkins from FarmStart.
Costs and Returns in Combinations of Ontario Cattle Enterprises: An Analytical Investigation 11/2/2009 The costs and returns in cattle enterprise combinations in Ontario and observations that could lead to increased efficiency and returns.
Benchmarking Nova Scotia Apple Farms 3/1/2009 Farm economic benchmarks for Nova Scotia apple farms.
Fertilizer Price Volatility, Risk, and Risk Management Strategies 6/10/2008 The sources of fertilizer price volatility and risk, and alternative strategies that farmers can use to manage the risks associated with purchasing fertilizer.
Canadian Pork Industry Issues and Challenges 4/12/2007 Commissioned by the Canadian Pork Council, Canada Pork International, and the Canadian Meat Council, this report examines the factors currently having the greatest negative impact on the sector.
Relative Profitability of Hog Production in Western Canada and the US Midwest - Executive Summary 10/1/2001 This report updates previous George Morris Centre studies and compares hog production in the Western Canadian Prairies (Eastern Alberta), the Eastern Canadian Prairies (Southwestern Manitoba), and Southern Minnesota.
A Comparative Analysis of Productivity in Agri-food and Other Industries in Canada 1/1/2001 Comparison of profitability of Canadian food processors realtive to other leading sectors in Canada.
A Comparative Analysis of Productivity and Competitiveness in Agri-food Processing in Canada and the United States 1/1/2001 Compares the competitiveness of individual Canadian agri-food processing industries with their counterparts in the United States.
A Performance Evaluation of the Beef Industry Development Fund 10/11/2000 This paper is the performance measures evaluation of the Beef Industry Development Fund.
Quality Management in a Changing Organizational Environment: Looking for new conversational tools 3/1/2000 This paper provides an overview of the original quality management principles and assesses the gaps between theories and practices of quality management.
Prospects for Hog Production and Processsing in Canada - An Update 3/1/1999 Domestic and world market potential for pork is analysed in terms of current consumer preferences and potential changes in consumer perception of health and dietary issues related to pork consumption.
Ontario Peas, Beans and Corn 1997 & 1998 Competitive Analysis Study 11/1/1998 The study seeks to determine the competitiveness of the peas, beans and sweet corn processing industry in Ontario.
Prospects for Expanded Egg Production in Western Canada 10/1/1998 An assessment of potential competitiveness of the egg industry in Manitoba compared to other western provinces, eastern Canada and the US.
Cost Competitiveness of The Canadian Pork Processing Industry 12/1/1997 Examines Canadian pork processing in the context of increased demand from Asia, increase in competition and regulatory changes.
Horticulture Value Chain Roundtable Benchmarking Study for Canadian Apples - Executive Summary 10/4/2012 Benchmarking the performance of the Canadian fresh market apple.
Platinum Peach Project: Report on Grower Chain and Consumer Design of Experiments 6/25/2012 Assist Ontario’s tender fruit industry in developing the capabilities required to readily adapt to a rapidly changing business environment.
Motivating and Enabling Value Chain Innovation in Canada’s Agri-Food Industry 5/9/2012 Why value chain innovation is important to the future prosperity of Canada’s agri-food industry.
Characterizing the Determinants of Successful Value Chains 3/31/2012 Paper prepared for the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute.
Learning from the British Beef Industry 7/31/2011 Lessons learned from a visit to view the UK beef industry.
Assessing the Opportunities and Challenges Facing Canada’s Specialty Food Industry 6/30/2011 Provides a platform for establishing a more informed debate on the nature and size of Canada’s Specialty Food sector.
Value Chain Financial Management 3/14/2011 Examples of how red meat value chains address the four main elements of financial management issues.
Doubling Your Profits in 18 Months Through Value Chain Management 7/7/2010 Short commentary on value chain management principles.
Feasibility Study for Establishing a Local Food Distribution Initiative in Niagara & Hamilton 9/30/2009 Assessment of industry support in establishling a sustainable local and regional distribution initiative in the Niagara and Hamilton areas.
Case Studies on Agri-Food Value Chain Collaboration 3/31/2008 Four case studies that illustrate concepts in agri-food value chain collaboration.
Local Food - The Untold Story 10/16/2007 Consumer behaviours, demand drivers, market opportunities, and regulatory obstacles are raised as key issues affecting the success of the movement.
Market Opportunity Analysis for the Canadian Lamb Industry 11/20/2006 A market opportunity analysis for the Canadian Sheep Federation
Drivers, Benefits and Critical Success Factors of Developing Closely-Aligned Agri-Food Value Chains 11/30/2005 An examination of successful value chains.

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