George Morris Centre

1990 to 2014

The George Morris Centre For Agri-Food Research And Education was founded by the late George Fletcher Morris, LLD, an agri-food visionary, leader and life-long beef and cash crop farmer from Merlin, Ontario. George believed that the industry needed an organization dedicated to free thought, free speech, and non-compromised analysis to help it compete more effectively in the global market place.

As Canada’s leading economic agri-food research centre, the Centre was national in scope, international in outlook, independent in position and believed in the importance of provoking informed dialogue and debating issues that fostered excellence and the economic stability and wellbeing of Canada’s agri-food sector. During its twenty four year tenure, the Centre offered research, consulting and custom education to the private sector, government, producer groups and organizations that had a commercial interest in agriculture, food and related policies.

The Centre ceased operations on December 31, 2014. The remaining assets of the Centre were transferred to the University of Guelph in accordance with the wishes of the late George Morris.

Research Reports and Papers

The George Morris Centre published a variety of reports and papers during its 24 years of operation. These can be found here.

Market Analysis Publications

Author Kevin Grier will continue to publish his well-known livestock and meat market analysis reports (Canadian Boxed Beef Report, Canadian Cattle Buyer, Canadian Chicken Market Review, Canadian Pork Market Review and Grocery Trade Review). For more information, please visit Kevin Grier Market Analysis and Consulting Inc.

Future Research, Analysis and Consulting

Senior researchers Al Mussell and Kevin Grier have each established their own companies so that they can continue to offer research, analysis and consulting services to the agri-food sector. Their contact details are:

Al Mussell, PhD
Agri-Food Economic Systems
107-100 Stone Road West
Guelph, Ontario N1G 5L3
Phone: (519) 827-6239

Kevin Grier
Kevin Grier Market Analysis and Consulting Inc.
79 Pheasant Run Drive,
Guelph, Ontario N1C 1E4
Cell Phone: (519) 240-8779
Business Phone: (519) 823-9868